Tuesday, March 20, 2007

what happened to my purse

i said i would tell why my purse was in montana while i am in kansas. it's simple--before chuck and i left for costa rica, i took most of the essentials out of my purse and transferred them to my backpack. i then put my purse in chuck's truck.

a month later, upon arriving at the holiday inn express at the spokane airport where the truck was parked, chuck drove to his home in paradise and i spent the night at the hotel in order to catch a plane back to kansas city the next day. i guess he found the purse when he cleaned out the truck the next day.

my purse missed out on alot of fun by staying in the truck instead of making the trip to costa rica. here is a list of a few things we did in tamarindo: entertained friends for dinner and a swim at our condo in playa longosta, spent the night at their new home in liberia, woke up early to go check out the leatherback turtle tracks on the beach, attended a silent auction/cocktail party at a bed and breakfast across the street from our condo, played in a charity golf tournament at hacienda pinella, ate dinner at a beachside hotel (capitan suizo), watched kansas university basketball at pasa tiempo hotel, practiced yoga at an open-air studio overlooking playa tamarindo, and walked miles and miles on the beach.

next, we took a van to playa hermosa, just south of jaco. that van trip is worth a blog in itself, which i will write about later. six hours after leaving tamarindo, we pulled up to the recepcion of hermosa bungalows. again, this bungalow is worth a blog by itself; again, to be told later. it was at the bungalow, with its huge covered veranda, i began my holiday cards. it's the latest i've ever written them--starting on february 16, i had 135 to do. i vowed to do twenty each day and i did.

the first morning we were there, we set off on an early-morning walk to explore our environs. it was a rural area. our 28 bungalows were about the only places we could see where humans inhabited. next to our bungalow was a huge pasture with ponds where a hundred or more cattle grazed; that is, until the third day, when we spotted a huge crocodile sunning itself by one of the ponds. after that day, the cattle disappeared...smart farmer.

one thing very unusual was a paved road in front of our bungalow community. paved roads are unusual in costa rica. even more unusual was the fact that this paved road was not a highway. we learned later why it was paved: future development; i.e. high-rise condos were on the way. after all, the deserted beach was virtually in our front yard. it was a very desirable location.

tomorrow i'm going to tell you about watching the birth of a calf, then what happened to it.

Monday, March 19, 2007

debut of hippo speaks

okay, what am i doing here? i like the word "blog". it sounds like a diagnosis; i.e., "sorry, honey, but you have the blog." i wonder if i need to take any antiobiotics for it.

okay, so i have the blog. what do i do with it? i guess i'll think of something clever to say, but true to my procrastinating nature, i think i'll save that cleverness for another day.

it's like they tell you when you start writing: just write anything; keep on writing until you think of something to say. i repeat myself. that cleverness will have to wait. for now, i'll just keep writing like bridgett jones, as in "bridgett jones goes blogging"....that never-ending stream-of-consciousness writing that lets you write things you never knew were in your own head.

i warn you. this blog is not entertaining. it's a start. entertainment comes later. it's getting a post posted. it's overcoming inertia. oh, and then i need to figure out how to get a photo posted--ohmygosh, i'd better do something to my hair....and what about something to wear....and what if i look fat in the photo and noone wants to read what i have to say.

wow--now i've started something. i hope it's good---or intriguing---or funny---or at least doesn't make someone throw up.

anyway, this will have to do for today. i need to go to the real post office. my purse is there, having been mailed a week ago from montana. i'll tell you later how my purse ended up in the united states postal service and i am here.